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Harris County Houston Patrol

Harris County Houston Patrol was founded in October 2015 and duly licensed and insured by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau under Texas Law, Texas Occupational Code Title 10, Chapter 1702 Subchapter A and Texas Administrative Code Chapter 35, Under Title 37 Part 1, It’s was issued License number B-20326.

If you have any questions or complaints against this company please contact

Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau

This company is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety Licensing & Registration Service Private Security Program If you need to file a complaint, please contact DPS via website or mail: contact/pspcomplaint.aspx P.O. Box 4087, Austin, Texas 78773-0001.

Our Mission

To provide best in class security expertise and solutions to our customers by using the latest technology and equipment, as well as a highly skilled workforce.

Why Choose Our Company

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Through the dedication of our management team in concert with the company’s emphasis on continual improvement, we provide superior service to our customers.


Our security officers have years of experience protecting and securing a diverse range of industries such as residential communities, manufacturing, and special events. Furthermore, all of our guards receive ongoing on-the-job training in the latest security techniques from our experienced supervisors.


At Harris County Houston Patrol, we help our customer to raise awareness about the different security threats that their community may face and how to deal with them.


Harris County Houston Patrol is always looking for new ways to improve the delivery of its services, as well as, to increase the effectiveness of its security officers by making use of the latest security management techniques.